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The Current ATELIER Range
        From generation to generation, families around the world have filled their homes with the joyful sound of the organ. As the centerpiece of social gatherings and events, the organ has become more than just a musical instrument - it is an icon of expression, enjoyment, and entertainment.

Embodying Roland's world-leading digital technology, the MUSIC ATELIER organ inherits the full, rich sound and elegant design of a traditional organ combined with the most expressive and advanced home-organ features. For all who love the organ, we proudly present the magic of MUSIC ATELIER.

From incredibly realistic strings, brass and other orchestral instruments to world class pianos and synths, every Atelier model comes loaded with sounds that allow you to play anything you want. By selecting a voice from the three parts - Organ, Symphonic and Orchestral - you can create layered textures for both the upper and lower keyboards.
Also, special Active Expression Voices are available so when you move the expression pedal, the sound becomes more animated and expressive. More.........